Welcome to the FiberEUse Virtual Material and Product Library

In the library, you will be able to find useful pieces of information regarding materials, products and processes for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers. 

In the framework of a circular economy perspective, the library has been designed to condense notions on these complex materials, providing the user with ideas on the recycling possibilities. 

Glass Fibers come mostly from windmill blades and covering sheets, while Carbon Fibers are recovered from wings, fusellage and other parts of aerostructures.

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About the project

FiberEUse. "Large-scale demonstration of the techno-economic advantages of the new value chains of the circular economy based on the re-use of fiber-reinforced composite materials at the end of life” was born in 2017, with the goal of solving the problem of disused glass-resin components disposal. The project is made possible by the collaboration of many different companies and Universities all over Europe.

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