Physical Library

Product samples

As anticipated, the Library has a physical part, with the aim of showcase the products and their material part.

This physical product part contains all the archetypal remanufactured Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber products fabricated during the project by the FiberEUse partners: these demonstrators are disposed with samples (product sections 8x8x8cm) in a series of tetrahedra, according to a structured classification.

In the picture above you can see one of the tetrahedron, that collects all the Recycled Glass Fiber products’ samples made by Closed Mould Casting and Indirect Additive Manufacturing.

The samples are disposed by four parameters:

  • Recyclate dimension
  • recyclate weight percentage
  • Post processing
  • Shape complexity

The fourth parameter is the height of the tetrahedron.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer

The libraries’ system is designed to give all the stakeholders a wide and multi-device vision of  FiberEUse: starting from the Physical Library with the samples, that are linked to the Virtual Library with QR codes, up to the Material Library, that showcases the fibers and the matrix in all their variations.

Material samples

The Material Library collects samples of material, both Glass and Carbon, from each fiber producer: Stiima-CNR, Tecnalia and Riverasca.

In the picture above you can see a few examples, disposed in a matrix with the following parameters:

  • Fiber dimension
  • % fiber weight
  • Post processing

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The FiberEUse Libraries are kept at Politecnico di Milano CMIC Department: they are available for view by appointment only.

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