The Library

What is a Material and Product Library

The Material Library collects and showcases different samples, which are then classified according to one or more criteria. It allows the visualization and the comparison of different quantifiable and unquantifiable data for interested stakeholders. Collected samples can be tangible objects (Physical Libraries) or pictures and 3D models (Virtual Libraries). The Library has been designed by Politecnico di Milano for the FiberEUse project and it globally consist in two major parts: a Physical one and a Virtual one. Furthermore to be able to provide a wider visualization on the project, two different subsystems of the Physical Library have been conceived: a Material Library and a Product Library, Library, the first one aiming at providing a focus on the actual materials, with all the variations and trials made bu the partners, whereas the latter being more oriented on the project demonstrators outcomes.

Virtual and Physical Library

The library has a Physical part, hosted at Politecnico di Milano: the aim that of showcasing physical products and materials developed by the partners.  The Product Library is divided in 6 pyramids, 3 for GFRP products and 3 for CFRP products. The Material Library on the other hand is divided in 3 cubes, one per each Waste Producer.

Library fruition

We have designed a structured key system, mixing filters, colors and alphanumeric codes. Filters are meant to help with the unique identification of the product/material. Colors are meant to easily visualize the waste producer. Alphanumeric codes are only used in the Material Library and are related to each material composition.


In the Material Library, as in the Product Library, different colors have been used to highlight the three different waste producers.


Siemens Gamesa provides end-of-life eolic turbines for the recycling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers


Aernnova supplies end-of-life aerospace components for the recycling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers


Rivierasca recovers Glass Fibers from construction materials


Filters are key to your research: use them to discover the variation of parameters and products developed by the FiberEUse partners.

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